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  • IT solutions for startups and small businesses
  • Business plan development and strategy
  • Point of sale systems and solutions for independent restaurants, franchises and institutions
  • Online marketing execution and website design
  • Ecommerce
  • Operations management
  • Automated processes
In an ever-changing business climates that relies more on the digital than the physical, you want your company to not only survive among your competitors, but to rise above them and innovate changes in your industry. No matter whether you are a small to midsize business or startup, Aegis Foundry provides the tools you need to succeed as well as the guidance of an expert team with years of experience in technology, marketing, business and operations. 

Are you an independent restaurant or franchise looking for a more efficient point of sale?

Our fully customizable NimblePOS point of sale solution gives you a system that works fluidly for all staff (so easy you won’t even need a manual). Everything will be at your fingertips including in-depth reporting and analytics, delivery and online ordering options, bump bars, hardware, catering menus, labor management and much more. And you will receive the backing of our 24/7 Worry-Free Support Center that will always be just a phone call away.

Are you a small to midsize business or office that needs outsourced technology support?

With all the roles that must be filled and tasks that must be accomplished in a small to midsize workplace, technology management can feel like an added burden. You can relieve this tension by outsourcing our CORETECH small and medium-sized business IT solutions for email hosting, remote/virtual desktops, file systems, data security, cloud services, managed servers, rock-solid infrastructure and so much more. We will provide you crucial services such as a disaster recovery plan,

Are you looking to build or revamp your online presence?

SIDEKICK provides a consistent internet marketing solution to help your company be the hero for your current and future customers. Our team will work with you to develop a custom site that accurately reflects your vision and brand in the digital realm. We will host and update your website on a monthly basis to keep your site in top shape. SIDEKICK also helps you spread the word about through social media and email marketing as well as offering new streams of revenue through online ordering, catering and ecommerce.

Are you a startup that is looking to make your mark on the industry, but are unsure of your next steps?

Aegis Labs provides a collaborative space for companies to meet and work together in order to foster innovation and success. We want to create a rich technological community that is ready to make a difference.

At Aegis Foundry, we are proud entrepreneurs too, but we know that working together and collaborating can yield greater results than trying to do everything on your own. Our technology, business strategy and operations consultations focus on refining your company’s vision and execution. However, we know that ultimately the company is your mantle to carry, and so we work for you and with you. We provide custom and reliable solutions that reflect your values and objectives. The highest priority in everything we do is your success.