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Spring Cleaning

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With Spring upon us, it is time to think about Spring cleaning. Our goal here at Aegis Foundry is to make sure you have the best possible equipment and service available, and that it is running efficiently. In the next few weeks,…

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Customer Relationship Management | Aegis Foundry

Create Real Management with CRM


As a business owner, you always want to grow your customer base. You may even have several leads coming in every month that could make a significant impact on your company. However, without the proper tools to organize this data, all of this vital information becomes lost in the daily hustle and bustle.

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Internet Modem | Aegis Foundry

Internal Internet Changes

By SmartPOS

Over the past year Worry-Free Support calls have increased related to the installation of new broadband modems or updating broadband modems in your store. In an effort to prevent these problems, we would like to outline a process to update any of your internet communications equipment successfully with minimal interruption.

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